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Transrotor Rondino FMD Bianco Turntable

Article code: A08

Transrotor Rondino FMD Bianco Turntable

Transrotor Rondino Bianco FMD Turntable
Without tonearm / cartridge.

Specifications Transrotor Rondino Bianco FMD turntable:
Acryl chassis
Aluminium platter, height 70 mm, weight approx. 10 kg.
Tonearm and cartridge can be installed to your choice and liking, please contact us.
Konstant frictionless FMD bearing, magnetically decoupled.
Aluminium platter weight
Footprint in cm: 47 W x 42 D x 22 H
Net weight: 35 kgs.
Also available in black as Rondino Nero, this version has a sandwiched chassis (extra at 1.000 euro).
If you want it with arm or cartridge, just phone or mail us. We could also install your own tonearm and/or cartridge for you.