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AYON S10 II Network Player - DEMO

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AYON S10 II Network Player - DEMO

AYON S-10 II Signature DSD Streamer, DAC & Tube Stage

Since its market launch in 2016, astonishing consumers and professionals with a new benchmark of sonic precision and performance reliability, the Ayon S-10 II is hailed as the best in digital. The Ayon Audio S-10 II inspires the admiration and loyalty of Audiophiles worldwide. Styled to fit a new, modern design with unsurpassed audio quality. It is one of the few digital products capable of offering the finest in recorded music with real/live tonal characteristics. Voiced to perfection, the S-10 II Network Player, Streamer is exceptional and spectacular in every detail. We have re-designed the output stage, power supply, DAC, and the quality of the components have been dialed-in to purity in key areas.

The new S-10 II can be configured individually in different versions, depending upon the request and the requirements. The S-10 II includes a Music network player, computer playback, NAS playback, USB drive playback, Roon, JRiver, analog preamplifier with a quadrable analogue volume control system, a new dual mono Digital to Analog converter, an updated PCM to DSD converter converting all PCM signals to DSD, Remarkable. Additionally, a separate self sufficient server unit with variable hard disk or solid state capacity, can be installed in the chassis of the S-10 II. Furthermore, we have implemented a completely new streamer platform that can be equipped with a second self sufficient streamer module as the server option, imbedded JRiver. Simply install the JRiver App on your Apple IOS or Android machine and you are ready to stream.

Of course, the Ayon S-10 II will produce a fast tight bass, warm fluid mids, super smooth highs, the best possible sonic performance is top priority. Its spacious 3D sound demonstration, combined with an enormous sound stage with agility, timbre and powerful reproduction, are only a few elements of the Ayon S-10 II, an exceptional device.

This vacuum tube based network player offers the outstanding performance you would expect from an Ayon Audio product, setting a new sound performance standard in its price range, really at any price.

Specifications Network PLayer Ayon S-10 II :
Conversion rate : 764kHz / 32 bit & DSD256
Fully symmetrical / Dual mono

PCM → DSD converter        All PCM signals → DSD128 or 256 switchable
Dynamic range                > 120dB
Channel separation                >105dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Output level @1 kHz / 0,775V -0dB /RCA/XLR        0 – 8V rms variable
Output impedance  Single-Ended-RCA        ~ 700 Ω
Output impedance  Single-Ended-XLR        ~ 700 Ω
Analog inputs : 2 x RCA (option at € 350 extra)
Digital inputs        : 75 Ω  S/PDIF (RCA & up to 24/192kHz)
TosLink : (up to 24/192kHz)
Front mounted USB type ‘A’ socket for USB “pen”/hard disk drive

Network inputs        RP-SMA plug Wifi Aerial input (“wireless” network connection) 802.11b/g
RJ45/LAN Gigabit Ethernet socket (“wired” network connection)
S/N ratio        > 115 dB
Frequency response         20Hz – 20kHz  +/- 0.3dB
Total harmonic distortion @ 1kHz        < 0.002%
Remote control
Analog line inputs        2 pair RCA (option at € 350 extra).
Analog – Main outputs        1 pair RCA & XLR
Dimensions (in cm – incl. terminals & feet) : 48 W x 36 D x 12 H cm
Weight : unit only 12 kg

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