Customers write...

Ronald V. in Dordrecht ordered our HL Pure Silver cable 7 mm and made an interconnect with LOK silver RCA plugs. He wrote:
Tonight I connected my Unison cd-player with the HL 7 mm Pure Silver cable and I must say, the result surprised me in a pleasant way. Imagine then, the improvement which will certainly be there when this cabled has been playing longer! 
In comparison with the VandenHul D-102 Jubilee (pure silver), the VDH cable sounds somewhat coarse and less refined. The HL-7 mm cable sounds more spaceous, neutral, subtle and especially there's more rhytm. Although it is new, there's no harshness in the highs. My brother, who is a Siltech enthousiast, soldered this cable for me and he was impressed too by its fine sound reproduction!
In this price range there is no competition for the HL-7 cable. Lots of expensive high-end interconnects don't even get to this quality level.
Thank you,

Niek V. from Gapinge (Middelburg) ordered our Canare Veritas digital cable. He wrote:
Good evening, 
By now I installed this interconnect and then also replaced my speaker cables with a silver plated version of 4 mm2. 
I must fully admit that the result is overwhelming: sparkling, brilliant and indeed much more detail. This Veritas cable is absolutely more than worth its money. 
I am very contented, many thanks! 
Niek V. 

Bernd He. of Wolpertswende, Duitsland first purchased the Bryston BDA-1 D/A Converter and then a Harmonic Technology Pro Silway-III interconnect. He wrote:

Hi Jan, 
The improvement with the Pro Silway MKIII+ interconnect is spectacular. 
I would have never thought, that an interconnect can make such a difference, I would say, that this upgrade was way bigger than the BDA-1. 
It does all what you said: fuller sound, no harsh trebles, very dynamic and fast. It sounds very open, very relaxed, very precise and with superb extension to the deepest lows and the highs, just as high-end should. 
---> a high quality chain does not forgive a weak part, as apparently my Blue Heaven was. 
After being into hobby Hifi for approx. 30 years this was definetely one of the best purchases ever. I can highly recommend it. 
I guess there are a lot of companies who can make a cable which is geometrically right, but here for this product the special single crystal production process probably does the trick. It is as it is: we do not know for sure what is happening exactly, when for example an electrical current flows, all is described and based on more or less precise models....that is to some part, when things apparently sound better, but nobody knows for sure why...the voodoo, which becomes explainable later on as knowledge advances. 
One thing further to mention is the very good value for money, especially when you compare it with other super expensive stuff, which is probably not as good. 
Thanx and best regards 

Philippe Th. of Poissy, France purchased a Transrotor Dark Star turntable and an Advance Acoustic CD-player, upgraded by Holland Link. He wrote:

Merci Jan de vos conseils ,comme toujours, précieux et précis .
.... nous sommes très contents de la Transrotor & de la platine Advance Acoustics. La Transrotor Dark Star est extraordinaire; résultat, nous écoutons la plupart du temps des vinyles. Bien sûr vous pouvez transmettre nos coordonnées à des clients intéressés .
Philippe & toute la famille

M. Paul-Louis V. of Villeneuve lez Avignon, France, ordered a Chord integrated amplifier and a SUPRA LoRad power cable.
He wrote us:
L'Ampli Chord est bien arrivé et je vous en remercie . Le design est très beau et inspire confiance...
Merci encore pour votre avis et conseils précieux...

David Brook of Huddersfield, UK is a returning customer. He writes:

Dear Jan,
I would just like to express my sincere gratitude at the level of service provided by Holland Link. Even at this busy time of the year, December. I am based in England and I ordered some Furutech cable and it arrived within 3 days. Your service cannot be faulted and I look forward to dealing with you again very soon.

Best Regards 
David Brook 

Pieter S. of Middelburg purchased a complete hifi-set with Advance Acoustic equipment, EPOS M22i loudspeakers and a VYGER Timor turntable. This is what he wrote:

Hello Jan,
Nice that you called to tell me that my set appeared in the Music Emotion magazine. This cabinet was made by Furniture-D in Bovenkarspel (N.H.) to my own design.
I listened to the set in your showroom and became enthousiastic after listening to my own CD's. This despite the fact that all equipment was not yet "burnt in".
I am very contented with the VYGER Timor turntable, sophisticated bearings, no noise. 
Also, sound reproduction of the Benz Micro cartridge element is very fine. My EPOS loudspeakers sound clear, powered by the MPP-505 and MAA-406 amplifier combo, especially where it concerns basses (also on low volume) and voices are beautiful. I played a SADE LP, the voice of the singer is very fine and warm. Then I played some louder music (Rory Galagher) and this too was reproduced very satisfactory, with the VYGER as well as with the MCD-203 CD-player. 
As you can read I am very happy with my equipment and now that it is fully "run in" it sounds still better!
To conclude, your service was to my liking, I got ample opportunity to listen before buying, on high as well as low volume levels. Time was no factor with you. 
Pieter S. 

Robert C. of Marseille, France purchased a trade-in Denon stereo set. He wrote:

Just a quick message to say thank you for your civility, promptness and efficiency in dealing with my order. All arrived safely on Saturday morning the 16th, after the order was placed on the 12th. Pretty good going! Thank you. 
Robert C.
Marseille France

Max. O of Linda-Velha, Portugal, ordered the Isotek Aquarius power conditioner.
This is what he wrote:
Hi Jan, 
I've received the equipment and everything is OK. 
The Isotek Aquarius is astonishing. 
I just want say thank you, it was a pleasure doing business with you. 

Reon B. of Eindhoven purchased the AYON Crossfire II single ended triode amplifier.
He wrote:
Hi Jan 
I just want to give some feedback. I am very pleased with the Ayon Crossfire II that I purchased from you. I have now 'burned it in" for 50 hours and it simply sounds wonderful with my Vivid Audio B1 speakers. 
My other components are: Musical Fidelity A5 CD player, Harmonic Technology Magic Link II interconnects and Harmonic Technology Pro-9 plus speaker cables. 
The system now sounds wonderfully musical and natural. The sound is fast and very transparent with a very open sound stage. But more importantly, the detail never distracts as with my previous amp. 
All the detail is there, but forms an integrated whole that simply sounds relaxed, flowing and real. 
It is by far the best amp I have owned and probably the best that I have heard. 
Best regards 

Francisco V. de Málaga, España ha comprado este transformador MC Denon AU-320 :

"Hola Jan, 
El martes pasado recibí el pedido. El transformador está en perfecto estado, muy bien conservado y funciona perfectamente. :-) 
La atención por su parte ha sido muy profesional, amable y rápida. 
Muchas gracias por todo. 
Francisco V."