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Our showroom

Our showroom / listening room

Our showroom / listening room, from left to right you will see :
VYGER Indian Signature with air suspension for platter and tonearm, Van den Hul Condor MC cartridge.
A red VYGER Baltic M with SME M2-12 tonearm and Dynavector DV-20X2L cartridge.
A transparent white Transrotor ZET-1 TMD + Dynavector DV-507 Mk.II arm with either a Dynavector Te Kaitura Rua or a Sumiko Starling cartridge. 

Our Wilson Sabrina X loudspeakers are normally powered by Bryston equipment, or by a Perreaux 200-iX integrated or an AYON Spitfire (single ended triode) tube amplifier.

Here you'll be able to listen to our equipment in a relaxing atmosphere. So, just bring your favourite music en enjoy listening ...
Make your own judgment. And all that without any obligation.
The acoustics of this room have the properties of an average living room at home, which helps you to get the right decisions. We will advise you on what cables to use, depending on your tastes and your equipment.

In our showroom you'll find also some 1,200 LP's (titles) with classical music and approx. 500 with jazz and classic pop music.
We clean our records with the professional Loricraft PRC-4 record cleaner or with the Degritter Ultrasone cleaner.
Most of our 1,000 CD's are ripped to the FLAC-format.

This is our splendid VYGER Indian Signature with air suspended platter and tonearm. Plus a vacuum system for flattening your records 

Call 0031 102232514 for a listening session without obligations. Open daily between 10:30 and 20:00 hrs.!