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ATOLL DR400 CD-Pro Transport

Artikelcode: BR15

ATOLL DR400 CD-Pro Transport

ATOLL DR400 CD-Transport met Philips CD-Pro Loopwerk.
The effortless presentation and detail is immediately noticeable, when listening to this DR 400 CD-transport. And  that is because it uses the wrld's best transport: Philips CD-Pro. This is designed as an all metal engine, supported vibration-free to the chassis. This pure construction offers a very quiet or "black" back ground allowing to enjoy the musical presentation without any spurious artifacts. All this provided you are using a top class D/A converter, such as the Atoll DAC200. The modern yet elegant design mirrors the choice of a quality component and a statement of serious performance. The unique lines of the DR-400 match the aesthetics of the PR 400 pre-amplifier and the IN 400 integrated amplifier. 

Lees meer over de ATOLL Reference serie in deze brochure (PDF).

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