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Audio Note IoI Cellulle à bobines mobiles

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Audio Note IoI Cellulle à bobines mobiles

The Audio Note range of MC cartridges span three different models from the slightly unaffordable to the extremely unaffordable! However once over the initial purchase price the running costs are very reasonable, not only will the very high quality diamond outlast many alternatives but when it comes to rebuild time the cost is much more reasonable than on many similarly high end cartridges.

Audio Note IoI Cellule à bobines mobiles

The Audio Note Io range of cartridges are quite simply the best I’ve heard, most hi end cartridges have some foibles - an overly etched performance, or hyped detail retrieval for example but this is one design that, to my ear at least, has no obvious flaws. Musicality is an over used word, but it’s sums the Io up perfectly. Sonically it seems to have very little character, as any compromises that have been made are very benign in nature. Chameleonic would be a good word to describe it in fact. Tonally it is so natural that it quickly becomes apparent how bleached and pinched most other cartridges actually are. It’s also capable of revealing much greater subtlety than any other design we’ve come across yet it still retains the ability to startle with a very realistic dynamic range.
The Io1 is a conventional compliance design making it perfect for use on almost any tonearm (such as Rega, Linn, SME and so on) and unlike the larger models featured below isn’t very heavy at 11 gramme's, so will work well with standard counterweights. 
It features high power Alnico magnets, aluminium and wood construction and very fine pure silver wire on the coils. The cantilever is made from Titanium and the Diamond is a AN Type 2. Due to the very few winding used in the coils it has a low output (0.05mV) and likes to be used with a low impedance transformer for best results. It’s available with either Blue or Red side pieces, as shown above and below.

The range of Io cartridges from Audio Note UK are renowned throughout the world for their incredible quality and their effortless ability to reproduce music to the highest possible standards. The unique nature of the Io design runs contrary to most accepted criteria, but the end result is a relatively small selection of hand-built moving coil cartridges, which are second to none with regard to dynamic range, tonal balance, channel separation, timbral reproduction, and a lack of colouration and surface noise. The cartridges are not able to be mass produced due to their design, and as a result are extremely time-consuming to produce. In use, they require a tone arm of very substantial rigidity, and must be combined with a properly matched, high-ratio step-up transformer in order to achieve the best possible linearity and dynamic signal transfer. 
All Io cartridges are hand-built in the UK to exacting standards and the Io-I features ALNICO magnets, silver-wound generator coils and a titanium cantilever with an Audio Note AN Type-2 profile, diamond stylus. The Io-I, has generator coils wound on a Swedish-made former and is available with either red or blue aluminium sides. 
Please note that due to the construction process, Io cartridges may not always be available from stock.

Output voltage: 0.05mV 
Coil impedance: 1 ohm 
Matching impedance: 3-4 ohms 
Frequency range: 10Hz-50kHz ± 3dB (dynamic test) 
Channel separation: greater than 25dB at 1kHz 
Compliance: vertical 15, horizontal 10 
Stylus tracking weight: 1.5-3.5 gm 
Weight: 11-12 gm