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Audio Note TT1 Platine Vinyle

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Audio Note TT1 Platine Vinyle

Audio Note TT1 Platine Vinyle
Like the more expensive Audio Note turntables, the AN-TT1 utilises a three point fully floating suspended sub-chassis which isolates the arm and platter not only from the box and motor but also from whatever surface the turntable sits on. 

The suspension has a very low resonance frequency (about 3-5 Hz) to keep it well below the arm resonance (9-12 Hz) and well above the fundamental floor resonance (1-2 Hz) in most rooms with wooden floors, but outside even the lowest notes recorded on any LP (14-16 Hz). 

The platter is machined from a solid block of acrylic (usually found on far more expensive machines) and drive to the platter is provided by an 'o' section rubber belt. 
Careful attention has been paid to the "mechanical loop" of stylus, tone-arm and platter. The AN-TT1 will provide an exceptionally stable platform from which to repay the finest of any vinyl collection. Audio Note is confident that the AN-TT1 will be the "reference" record player at it's price point. 

Le prix comprend le bras lecteur REGA 250. Les bras de lecture Audio Note Arm V2 au câblage en cuivre (Arm One) ou en argent (Arm Two) comme option.