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AYON CD-35 II Tubes CD Player / DAC

Article code: AY09

AYON CD-35 II Tubes CD Player / DAC

AYON Reference CD-35 II CD Player / DAC / Preamp

The new Ayon CD-35 II will be available in 2 different versions: CD-35 II Standard and CD-35 Signature. In autumn 2020 we will add the CD-35 II HF version which is limited to 35 pcs. 
Some technical highlights: 
-New tube output stage, for the first time composed of 2 different types of tubes per channel, one 5687 and one 6H30. 
-New tube rectifying with a Russian GZ30 version, 
-New DAC with 2 separate AKM converters from Japan; 
-Then a special feature for the CD-35 Signature-version: an ultra-high-speed DSP module switchable via RC is responsible for the conversion of all PCM signals (up to 24-192) into   DSD (switchable 128x or 256x)
-New CD-LID with integral magnetic clamp system

Specifications AYON CD35 II CD Player / DAC :

Price mentioned is for standard version. Ask for more details.