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AYON Sunrise SET Tubes Amplifier

Article code: AY01

AYON Sunrise SET Tubes Amplifier

Special opportunity:
AYON Sunrise SET Integrated Tube Amplifier
Occasion with BRANDNEW original AYON AA32B-s power tubes (ordered by us at Ayon Audio and installed). So now you can use this amplifier for years to come.
It's a Single Ended Triode (SET) system, which gives you a real-life and very spacious sound stage.
Output power is a realistic 20 Watts op to 40 Watts peak. So, we recommend loudspeakers with an efficiency of 90 dB or higher.
Very heavy transformers are used for better dynamics, net weight is 31 kgs.
Comes complete with manual and remote control.
Inputs: Direct In, CD, Aux, Tuner.
For more specs, please see below.
Feel free to come over to Rotterdam and listen to this marvellous amplifier.
Original carton is available, so if you want it shipped, no problem.