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BRYSTON 14B Cubed Stereo Power Amplifier

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BRYSTON 14B Cubed Stereo Power Amplifier

BRYSTON 14B Cubed Stereo Power Amplifier
Probably the best value "esoteric" high power 2-channel amplifier on the market today, the 14B SST2 is basically a pair of 7B SST2 amplifiers on a single compact chassis. Its superbly low noise floor yields an inky black silence between notes for hauntingly realistic reproduction. As a dual mono modular design, it has the power to drive, with breath-taking ease and clarity, speakers which have been considered "impossible" loads in the past.

Features BRYSTON 14B Cubed Stereo Power Amplifier:
- New cosmetics
- New Push on/off power switch
- 600 watts at 8 ohms, 900 watts at 4 ohm
- New SST 2 output devices
- Increased power supply capacitance 30,000 MFD per channel
- Selectable Balanced or Unbalanced inputs
- Lower noise and distortion
- Two New Independent ultra-low-noise power transformers
- New computer modeled heat-sink design
- Quick connect remote 12 volt trigger
- Selectable gain - 1 Volt or 2 Volt
- Dimensions in mm: 432 W x 180 H x 485 D (without handles)
- Weight 41 kg
- Available in silver, white, black, champagne or gun metal grey finish with 19 or 17 inch faceplate, with green or blue LED's.
- 20 Year Warranty