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Bryston BP1.5 Phono Stage

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Bryston BP1.5 Phono Stage

This Bryston BP-1.5MC phono stage is for MM and MC phono cartridges.
Hum, noise and other unwanted influences are reduced to a minimum thanks to a separate external power supply (optional). Owners of an existing Bryston BP-26 preamplifier can use their MPS-2 power supply. Even owners of the discontinued BP-20 / BP-25 preamps can use their MPS-1 power supplies. Best dynamics though will be enjoyed with the MPS-2.
This BP 1.5 phono stage also carries Bryston's 20 year warranty!!
In stock / Can be auditioned.

High-quality, Broadcast-grade Phono Stage
The huge library of music present on vinyl represents an irreplaceable treasure. As such it becomes more important than ever to reproduce the music with the greatest faithfulness to the original recording. 
The Bryston BP1.5 is a high quality, broadcast grade phono stage offering both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridge step-up capabilities. It features one pair of power supply input and outputs plus one pair of RCA inputs and outputs. 
Phono Gain
The BP 1.5 includes two different amplifier modes to accommodate both MM (moving-magnet) and MC (moving-coil) phono cartridges. 
The moving-magnet mode comes factory set at 35 dB of gain, but can be adjusted with an inside jumper to 41dB gain. The moving-coil mode adds an additional gain stage to the MM stage with a step-up transformer. This step-up transformer has adjustments for gain as well. It can be set for 22.5 dB or 16.5 dB of gain. It is factory set for 22.5 dB as this will facilitate 90% of the MC cartridges available. The standard gain of 22.5 dB accommodates cartridges with outputs of less than 40 ohms impedance. The 16.5dB of gain is for cartridges of 40 to 150 ohm output impedance. 
Input Capacitance Loading for Moving-Magnet Section
The Moving-magnet input capacitance switch is located on the rear panel and consists of a four element DIP (Dual In Line) switch and eight high precision capacitors. Four capacitors for the left and four capacitors for the right channel. This ensures the correct amount of capacitance across the Phono cartridge to provide accurate performance. 
Mute Switch
The Manual MUTE switch on the front panel can be activated at any time. This switch mutes the output and is indicated by the front panel LED turning from Green to Red.
Note: The BP-1.5 does not have its own power supply. It requires either the Bryston BP-26 / BP-25 / BP-20 Preamplifier or the MPS-2 / MPS-1 outboard power supply for operation.