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EAR-Yoshino Phono Box - DEMO

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EAR-Yoshino Phono Box - DEMO

EAR-Yoshino Phonobox
The EAR Yoshino 'Phonobox' replaces the beloved 834P model.
The 834P phono was widely recognised as the absolute reference at its price and far, far beyond.

To build on that success and reputation, EAR Yoshino have been busy at work for a very long time, designing, testing and refining the new Phonobox. Only when every box had been ticked, EAR Yoshino launched this beautiful new high performance machine.
The Phonobox builds on the strengths of the 834P. The performance is stunningly good - quiet and refined with a  liquid midrange, superb bandwidth plus great dynamics.
The Phonobox is compatible with MM and MC type cartridges (switchable) and has enough gain to ensure that even very low output moving coil designs can play happily with the Phonobox.
The exterior design has also changed, certainly bringing a sleek new modernised look to the Phonobox.

You can order the Phonobox, in black (ex stock) or chrome finish (+ € 400, 3-4 weeks), with or without a smooth action volume control. The addition of the volume control allows you to directly drive a power amplifier.

Technical Specifications EAR Phono Box: