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Euro money transfer - specific amounts

Article code: X99

Euro money transfer - specific amounts

Internet Paybox / Additional Payment / Agreed Price Reduction
Use this item to effect any payment to Holland Link. Here, an euro is treated as a normal article, which can be "ordered". It makes it possible to pay certain specified amounts to Holland Link in an automated and secure process, such as VISA, MasterCard, etc. Also recommended for higher amounts, not always possible through PayPal. When in doubt please consult us.

First remove the "-" or minus sign, then insert your amount for the number of euros to pay. If extra shipping costs were quoted by us, then add these to the amount here.

Only if you want to realize a reduction on an ordered item, and it was agreed between us, then leave the minus sign where it is and the result will be that your order amount will be reduced by the then negative number of euros as inserted here.