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Furutech Silver Arrows II Phono Cable

Article code: IN32

Furutech Silver Arrows II Phono Cable

Furutech Silver Arrows-12 Pure Silver Phono Cable
In our showroom, at a VERY special price!.

a-(alpha) conductor: All metal parts non-magnetic, deep cryogen treated (α-process) 

4-layer screening (foil tape wrap) pure silver conductors (4x 2x 0,5mm) 
4-way earthing and mass-wire (OFC) 
Insulation: special grade air-foamed polyethylene and ultra flexible Pb-free PVC , nylon yarn braid 
Length: 1.2m
Connectors: RCA-DIN: CF-102 RCA & 5-pole DIN plug, rhodium plated, straight