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HELIUS Omega Bronze-Gold 10 Zoll Tonarm

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HELIUS Omega Bronze-Gold 10 Zoll Tonarm

HELIUS Omega 10" Bronze-Gold Tonarm
A special finish version featuring deep bronze anodising and gold plated counterweights.
As these are made by special order, the amount of gold can vary according to taste; for instance, the headshell and base plate can be left in Bronze.
The other feature of these arms are the use of silicon nitride bearings. Harder than steel, they are as highly polished and spherical as ruby, but much tougher. 
Articles on the benefits of Si3N4 are numerous – the most obvious being Wikipedia in which there exists a paragraph specifically on its use as a bearing material.

Der Helius Omega Tonarm ist hier eingebaut auf den weltberühmten Air Force III Plattenspieler von TechDAS.
Daneben hat man noch montiert die 12 Zoll SME312s und classic SME 3009 Tonarme (vorrätig bei Holland Link).