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JORMA Reference Phono Cable

Article code: IN39

JORMA Reference Phono Cable

JORMA Reference Phono Cable
Real high end design, a distinctive improvement for your cherished turntable. Top class from Sweden.
Available with RCA or XLR termination and at the arm side with straight or angled 5-pole DIN connector.
We had a serious listening. You will have our notes from first hand: This listening was overwhelming !! Stunning performance.

These are our listening notes for the Jorma Reference Phono Cable :
- excellent spaciousness 
- trumpets sound clear and before all, smooth
- better definition
- deep basses are remarkably fine
- I was listening breathless, and mind you, I am spoiled as I have a choice of equipment here
- I don’t want any other phono cable any more
- 3D staging is impressing and beautiful
So, this will mean “a giant leap” forward in enjoying your music !

Standard length is 1.2 mtr, also available in 1.5 mtr or longer.
It's in stock (5-pin DIN), come over and convince yourself.