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Lehmann Decade Préampli Phono MM / MC

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Lehmann Decade Préampli Phono MM / MC

Lehmann Decade MM / MC Préampli Phono
The Decade is the first phono stage by Lehmannaudio that offers a "Soft-Bass- Rolloff-Filter" and gain selections accessible via toggle switches at the face plate. Both, gain and filter functions, are executed by studio grade relais inside the unit.
The Decade is powered by the PWX II, a power supply especially developed for the unit which is downward compatible with the PWX. This means that Black Cube audio sections can also be connected. The second power outlet at the PWX II is made especially for that purpose. The PWX II power supply with chokes at critical places powers the Decade with very clean DC power and - like the Silver Cube - is connected to the audio section via a shielded cable with Neutrik XLR plugs.
Disponible en finition argent ou noir (options).
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