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LORICRAFT PRC4 Stille Platenwasser

Artikelcode: A60

LORICRAFT PRC4 Stille Platenwasser

Loricraft PRC4 Platenwasser
Eindelijk een stille platenwasser!
Kom hem "beluisteren" in onze showroom.
Prijs tot 1 maart 2018 is 1,795 euro.
Aanbevolen reinigingsmiddel is L'Art du Son Record Cleaning Fluid à 32,90 euro (concentraat voldoende voor 5 ltr).

This prestigious PRC-4 cleaning machine provides a fantastic addition to any audiophile's set-up. Very quiet and it only needs a minimum effort to clean records effectively. This version is a double pump version.
Loricraft are one of the very few record cleaning machines to offer genuine freedom from re-contaminating records during the cleaning process - The PRC-4 includes a number of significant advantages over other brands, such as more reliable suction for thorough cleaning and quietness of operation. Low noise levels may not sound as major significance but sitting beside the noise that many machines emit while they clean records, soon becomes unpleasant and intrusive.
The PRC4 has twice the suction of the PRC3. This means that on a really dirty record it would clean the record in a single pass rather than maybe having to do it twice.
ASfmetingen in cm: 46 B x 40 D x 22 H
Gewicht: 30kg