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Michell Tecnoarm Tonearm

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Michell Tecnoarm Tonearm

Michell TecnoArm A-II Tonearm
This Tecnoarm is the latest version of J.A. Michell's highly acclaimed TecnoArm tonearm. It uses the new 3-point mounting system recently introduced by Rega. 
The TecnoArm "A" or II is constructed with a derivative of the Rega RB700 arm tube. A proprietary process is then applied to the arm tube to toughen the bearing housing and headshell areas. The arm tube mass is lowered at the headshell end, with 22 holes precision drilled on the underside. This increases trackability and reduces unwanted resonances. 
The underside of the headshell is aligned to the main bearings and precision milled in a jig, ensuring zero azimuth for the cartridge. 
The arm is internally damped and rewired with one continuous length of 99.999% pure silver Litz wire between Michell's own silver-plated machined cartridge clips and the silver-plated brass RCA plugs. 
The two-piece TecnoWeight counterweight is supplied with two weights: the heavy one for cartridges between 6g and 13g, the lighter one for cartridges between 3g and 6g. The TecnoWeight has a precision vernier adjustment for setting tracking weight in 1/10th gram increments. 
Michell's ingenious 3-point VTA adjuster is included as well, making adjustments a snap. 
Complete with mounting template, instructions and alignment protractor. This arm includes 3 shorter de-coupler standoffs to give a wider range of VTA adjustment if used on a Michell GyroDec or Orbe turntable of any vintage. Also includes three M3.5 x 20mm long mounting screws. 
The TecnoArm compares to arms costing up to 3 times its price and is a true audio bargain. 

Arm weight (without cable): 450 grams. Effective mass 12 grams.
Available in silver or black (=extra) finish.