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Nordost NORSE-2 Interne Tonarm Verdrahtung meter

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Nordost NORSE-2 Interne Tonarm Verdrahtung  meter

Nordost NORSE 2 Interne Tonarm Verdrahtung
For all vinyl and Nordost lovers there is now the high end internal arm wire made by Nordost according to their very high standards and experience.
These cables were already supplied to professional turntable builders like VPI, but have now become available for all enthusiast DIY customers.

Construction and specification of Nordost Norse-2 internal tonearm wiring :
- Fully manufactured in the USA
- 4 x 32 AWG 99.99999 OFC, 7/40 stranded conductors
- Micro Mono-Filament design
- 10.5pF/ft capacitanc
- 0.06uH/ft inductance
- FEP Core Tube
- Propagation Delay: 80% speed of light
- Filament Colors: Red, Green, White, Blue
1 set is one length of 4 x 1 mtr