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Oyaide PA-2075DR Câble Bras Lecteur

Code article: IN80

Oyaide PA-2075DR Câble Bras Lecteur

Oyaide PA-2075DR Câble Bras Lecteur
This Oyaide PA-2075 DR coaxial cable is a parallel-layout structure designed to be compact and lightweight. In order to reduce conductor resistance and transmit weak analog signals effectively, the overall diameter of the conductor strands was increased to 0.5 mm2.
The high density spiral shielding structure is composed of PCOCC-A for its highly effective behavior in an ultra compact layout.
The semiconductor (carbon PVC) layer is provided for the purpose of eliminating static electricity without exerting any influence on the conductor. As an insulator, we selected high polymer polyethylene which has the same permittivity as FEP but is halogen-free for audio application.

Longueur: 1 m.
En stock avec connecteurs droit DIN 5-pole x RCA