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ROKSAN Caspian M2 Lecteur CD

Code article: BR01

ROKSAN Caspian M2 Lecteur CD

Le tout nouveau lecteur CD ROKSAN Caspian M2 a profité beaucoup du dévéoppement du lecteur CD très avancé ROKSAN Platinum.
The M2 utilises a one piece optimised mother board, de-coupled laser mechanism and dedicated transformer/power supplies for the analogue filters and the outputs (voir photo ci-dessous)

The dynamic resolution of the M2 CD player handles the loudest to quietest musical passages with flare and ease making any genre of music a joy to listen to. The resolution of detail is like being within a ‘musical envelope’ bringing an almost analogue feel to the whole experience; a perfect match to the astonishing M2 Integrated amplifier. 

FEATURES Independent Analogue Output stage Power Supply Full functional Roksan LCD system remote control (RMX-108) Programme facility Repeat function (One/All & A-B) Display time; elapsed, remaining on track and remaining on disc Random play 10 second intro play 

The ROKSAN Caspian M2 CD player offers a super precision master clock combined with its 12 independant and fully regulated digital & analogue circuits. This all creates a seamless harmonic musical experience that is second to none