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SME 15 Plattenspieler - DEMO

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SME 15 Plattenspieler - DEMO

SME 15 Plattenspieler - NEU
A new addition to the fine line of turntables from SME. Originally developed as a replacement for the Model 10, superior performance dictated that a space existed for a new turntable to be placed between the Model 10 and the recently revamped Model 20/3. The New Model 15 incorporates the platter from the previous Model 20/2 along with an evolution of design improvements. 
Our price is without tonearm (Model 15). Extra for an SME309 arm: 1.800 euros (Model 15/A).

The Model 15 could be described as "the ultimate in recovery vehicles", allowing the cartridge to retrieve the last bit of recorded material whether digital or analogue, from the vinyl disc and thus approaches the ultimate in perfection. Receiving its inspiration from the superb Model 10 precision turntable, the Model 15 seeks to emulate the excellence of our Model 20/3/& 30/2 turntables, whilst retaining the more compact footprint preferred by many of our enthusiasts.
The Model 15 has been designed with the same attention to detail combined with simplicity of operation that has come to be expected from all SME products. Its superb performance together with laid back styling make it a glamourous addition to your sound system that will astound and amaze listeners for many years to come.

Bei uns ausgerüstet mit dem SME309 Tonarm.
In unserem Hörraum.

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