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SME P1 Spacer

Article code: S81

SME P1 Spacer

Genuine SME 3009, SME 3012 & Series III P1 Spacer Plate Adapter
This SME P1 Spacer Plate Adapter will allow you to mount your SME 3009 / SME 3012 & Series III tonearm on virtually any turntable where arm height is an issue, including the Garrard 301 & Thorens TD-124. With this  spacer plate you will accurately be able to mount your SME 3009 or Series III tonearm on any turntable that has an extra tall platter. In fact it is never recommended to extend the tower completely on your SME tonearm. You are losing a great amount of rigidity. That is exactly why SME developed the SME P1 Spacer. SME advise max. 41 mm or 1 5/8"
Can also be used for the SME M2, SME 300 Series, SME IV and SMEV tonearms.