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TEAC VRDS-701 Reference CD-Player / DAC

TEAC VRDS-701 Reference CD-Player / DAC

TEAC VRDS-701 Reference CD-player and DAC with a newly developed VRDS CD drive
An original TEAC-designed discrete DAC is used for the digital audio converter, which is key to determining audio quality
Fully-balanced dual mono circuit structure realizes outstanding channel separation
Direct connection with a power amplifier is possible thanks to volume control that uses a TEAC-QVCS analog preamp circuit
Along with MQA CD playback, full MQA decoding of digital input is possible
As a USB DAC, 22.5MHz DSD and 384kHz/32-bit PCM data can be played back
2×, 4× and 8× upconversion using RDOT-NEO
10MHz external clock input
Analog, digital input/output and CD drive circuits each have dedicated toroidal core transformers
Original TEAC-HCLD2 enhanced-current output buffer circuit
Headphone amp has a high output circuit with low distortion, high signal-to-noise ratio and a high 2000V/μs through rate
Please see this TEAC web page for more info.
In stock in our Rotterdam store.
EAN: 4907034224432 (silver)
EAN: 4907034224425 (black)