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Transrotor Massimo TMD Turntable

Article code: A07

Transrotor Massimo TMD Turntable

This Transrotor Massimo TMD turntable is a real heavy-weight, All in all its weight will be some 40 kgs. The platter only is made from soli aluminium, is 80 mm thick and weighs 15 kgs. The TMD magnetic bearing assembly decouples possible vibrations from drive belt and motor to the turntable. Its motor is on a separate stand with 4 adjustable feet and spikes, to set it level and it includes a cover to prevent dust from settling down on the belt. 
We can offer it as follows:
1 - standard version with 1 motor, FMD power supply, TMD magnetic bearing and 1 arm base, without tonearm
2 - our XL version, 2 motors, FMD power supply and 1 tonearm base
3 - our XXL version: 2 motors, FMD power supply and 2 or more tonearms. This is useful when you want to compare cartridges, or have a mono cartridge and a stereo one.
Tonearms can be either 9" or 12" length.
Please ask our opinions and advice, it's free.

Note: the above picture shows a recently delivered Massimo TMD XL, this one has 2 motors and 1 SME312s 12" tonearm. 

Here, a 9" SMEIV tonearm was mounted.