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Transrotor MAX Universal Turntable - PLUG 'n PLAY

Article code: A01

Transrotor MAX Universal Turntable - PLUG 'n PLAY

This Transrotor MAX turntable is very universal indeed: it's a serious realization of the "less is more" principle.

On its basic chassis one or two tonearm mounts can be installed in an easy and uncomplicated way. It will allow you to have a 9" arm together with a 12" arm or two 9" arms with different cartridges. Many possibilities.
More advanced motor control units are also available.
So, you are reading correctly: VERY universal, this beauty.
Tell us of your ideas en we'll advise you from our vast experience in Transrotor turntables.
Please note the standard options.

Technical data Transrotor MAX turntable:
- chassis: solid polished aluminium
- platter: polished aluminium weighing in at 7 kgs
- armboards available for 9" or 12" tonearms
- comes standard with either a 9" Transrotor TR-800s arm or a Jelco SA-250 arm
- separate motor with belt drive
- total weight 20 kg.