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Transrotor Phono 3 Phono Voorversterker MC/MM

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Transrotor Phono 3 Phono Voorversterker MC/MM

The Transrotor PHONO 3 preamplifier brings the detail of analog vinyl to full harmonious development. The signals from the pickups are fine "preamplified" on the input and volume values of modern Amplifiers.
This is done with impressive dynamics and quality.
The Transrotor PHONO 3 is faithful to the recording used in the RIAA curve.
Switches delivered directly into the circuit board allow the loss-free adjustment of your MM or MC cartridge. The double scale: (separated left and right channel) designed circuit board is to suppress resonance, firmly connected with the massive aluminum housing.Individually-selected, high-quality components result in a superior channel equality and an excellent signal to noise ratio. The separate power supply provides the Transrotor PHONO 3 with a constant, stabilized DC.The preamp itself is another key two-stage filtration and stabilization of the DC current.In addition, each channel has a more fine and smooth processing system is used.
Detailed instructions enable the optimal use.

Technical Data Transrotor PHONO 3 Preamp MM/MC:
Gain: for MC and MM 40-60 dB 
MM input resistance: 47 k ohms 
MC input resistance: 100-1000 ohms in 16 steps 
Input capacitance MM: 47-470 pF in 16 steps 
THD + N: 0.035 % 
Crosstalk: -60 dB 
Signal to Noise Ratio: 66dBA at 65dB gain, 80dB at 40dB gain 
Frequency response: 20Hz - 25KHz + - 0.5dB (RIAA equalized)
Dimensions: approx 17.6 cm wide x 17 cm deep x 7,5 cm height, solid aluminium housing