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Transrotor Tourbillon FMD Turntable

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Transrotor Tourbillon FMD Turntable

Transrotor Tourbillon FMD Turntable
This is the top at Transrotor. Of course, you still have the choice between different tonearms and cartridges. As experienced dealers we have some perfect options in mind for you:
1. as tonearm we recommend an SME312s, SME V 9" / 12" or a Helius Omega Ruby 10" tonearm 
2. as pickup cartridge we recommend either the Van den Hul Condor or the Benz Micro LP-S moving coil cartridges.

Features Tourbillon FMD Turntable:
  • Acrylic/Aluminum composite turntable 
  • FMD Free Magnetic Drive – magnetically couples the motor to the platter 
  • Platter: polished acrylic 80 mm thick 
  • Motor: up to 3 motors can be used 
  • Inverted hydro dynamic oil fed bearing 
  • Up to 3 tonearms can be mounted 
  • Rotor Ring option – keeps the record flat on the platter 
  • Dimensions / weight: 
52 cm / 20.5"
52 cm / 20.5"
30 cm / 12"
60 kg / 132 lbs