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Transrotor ZET 1 TMD Turntable - Occasion set

Article code: A02

Transrotor ZET 1 TMD Turntable - Occasion   set

Transrotor ZET 1 TMD Turntable - All complete - Ready to play !!

- chassis white acrylic 20 mm thick
- tonearm is an option, our price mentioned here is without tonearm. Hoewever we can install an SME M2-12 or an SME-3012R tonearm if you like. But of course a 9"arm is also possible, e.g. the Michell Tecnoarm or a Heed arm. Please consult us
- solid aluminium platter 55 mm high and weight approx. 11 kgs. 
- TMD magnetic bearing
- separated motor and power supply
- aluminium platterweight
- dimensions in cm: 45 W x 40 D x 18 H
- 3 adjustable spiked feet
- weight approx. 26 kg.
- professional installation and adjusting.
- manual, separate motor power supply, power cable.

Ask for more info. 
In our showroom in Rotterdam.

This is our Transrotor ZET1 with TMD magnetic bearing and SME-3012R tonearm

3980.00  2250.00