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Transrotor ZET-3 Turntable set

Article code: A03

Transrotor ZET-3 Turntable   set

Transrotor ZET-3 Turntable - all complete
Extra reinforced chassis "sandwich" : acryl-aluminium-acryl, all polished..
Solid aluminium platterd 70 mm high, weighing 12 kgs.
Record weight standard
Available as an option nearly any tonearm and/or TMD magnetic bearing (+ € 680).
Dimensions in cm: 45 L x 40 P x 23 H (bras 9").
Net weight 34 kg.

We recently installed this beauty turntable in Rotterdam (Transrotor ZET 3 with TMD bearings, 2 motors, 
a 12" SME 312s tonearm and Benz Micro Wood SL cartridge.

Just recently we installed this marvellous Transrotor ZET3 - TMD turntable with an SME M2-12" tonearm and a Benz Micro Glider cartridge, extra motor base and "design" stand record cleaning brush. It gives lots of musical satisfaction to one of our customers in Ridderkerk.