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Van den Hul TLF II Spindle Oil

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Van den Hul TLF II Spindle Oil

Van den Hul TLF II Spindle Oil for extreme fitting for your Turntable.

Our “The Lower Friction” (TLF) is a broad spectrum applicable super oil, especially intended to reduce bearing friction by forming an extremely stable lubrication layer between mechanical parts.
Our TLF oil types are particularly suitable for close fitting - tight clearance bearings. The oils offer a superior combination of high performance properties, like for instance a very high resistance against breaking or penetration of the oil film: they can handle a pressure of around 180 - 200 kg/cm² at around 350 degrees Celsius (662 °F) without breaking away. 

The oils have a viscosity of just one third to one quarter of that of water: they easily spread and build a steady nano-thin layer on each surface. They don’t contain Teflon, graphite or any other particles, don’t oxidize and don’t age. The normal operating temperature ranges up to 175 degrees Celsius (347 °F).

Serving even the most demanding high load and high speed applications, our special TLF oils greatly reduce friction and mechanical noise, substantially extending the life of moving parts and with it reducing service requirement and costs. The oils are supplied in a 25 cc bottle with brush.

TLF Oil type I is most suited as a general purpose low friction lubricant.
TLF Oil type II optimally performs in the more heavy load bearing applications.
Application examples:
Turntables: With TLF type II, turntable bearing noise is dramatically reduced and with TLF type I, tone arms float instead of hang in their bearings.
 Please note: Pertaining to turntable platter spindle bearings, our special TLF II oil is especially suitable for tight clearance types. To maintain optimal lubrication and mechanical noise reduction with (platter spindle) bearings which have higher clearance (up to around 40 um) however, our heavier type Turntable Spindle Oil is advised.