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VPI Avenger Platine Vinyle avec Bras Lecteur 12"

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VPI Avenger Platine Vinyle avec Bras Lecteur 12

VPI Avenger Platine Vinyle

Données tehniques platine vinyle VPI Avenger :
  • The VPI Avenger chassis is three layers of bonded acrylic/aluminum/acrylic, with damping material between layers, locked in by 3 isolation steel corner posts, 3 bolts, and the massive bearing assembly.  
  • The corner posts which hold the tonearms (up to three will fit) have adjustable machined knobs giving the user the ability to easily raise and lower the height to level the table. Fully adjustable armboards are made from 5/8” 6061 aluminum for rigidity and grounding. The table can mount up to three arms, any manufacture's brand, and any length!
  • The Avenger chassis is three layers of bonded acrylic/aluminum/acrylic with damping material between layers.
  • 3 stainless steel corner posts for both isolation and tonearm mounting and for mechanical grounding (up to 3 will fit).
  • The 300 RPM, 24 pole, AC synchronous motor is capable of high torque and quiet operation. The motor is installed in a separate aluminum and steel machined assembly
  • The Inverted bearing features a hardened stainless steel shaft, 60 Rockwell chrome hardened ball, spinning in a phosphor bronze bushing and sits on a PEEK thrust disc. 
  • aluminum platter weight is 9 kg.
  • bras lecteur JMW 12"-3D with VPI pure copper wire​

Fiche technique platine vinyle VPI Avenger:
  • Wow & flutter:  0.03%
  • Speed Accuracy:   0.04%
  • Rumble: 82db down
  • Dimensions en mm: 686 L x 584 P x 254 H
  • Surface en mm 584 L x 508 P
  • Poids total : 39,5 kg​